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Patient Testimonials

My knee surgery has totally removed my arthritic pain that I have been suffering for years prior to my surgery, and in addition with the relocation of my patellar tendon from a prior ACL reconstructive surgery, I have not been inflicted with patellar tendonitis. I used to play Division I football for the University of Florida and through the years went through degradation of the knee joint due to wear and tear on the area. Now, I am able to run and ride my bike without the pain and imbalance I was incurring due to the medial meniscus cartilage was minimized and I was so imbalanced with my gait when running. With the left knee replacement surgery that Dr. Redmond headed up, I am able to go back to regular activity without the issues I was having prior to surgery. I now hope to excel at a higher lever in my racing endeavors.

On April 1st, I was able to finish 15th out of of 200 cyclists at the Mt. Acosta Bicycle Race here in Jacksonville. I was first in my age group and would have finished higher if I had been in better aerobic condition. I just had my surgery on February 2, 2017. My flexibility is good as I was just tested at 120 degree flexion and 0 degrees extension. I have a minimal swelling and I attest that to icing and taking aspirin/ibuprofen. I was also able to do the River Run on March 11th just 5 weeks after surgery.

Geoff T. Pappas

At the age of 31, I found myself facing some difficult obstacles and having to make decisions that I knew would have an impact on the rest of my life. I had been dealing with what I called "a bad hip", with constant inflammation, decreased range of motion and pain, that over the course of 1 year rendered me incapable of performing simple everyday tasks. I was having trouble getting out of my car, stepping on & off curbs or climbing a flight of stairs without assistance. I was a companion and mother, who had severe limitations of what I could do with my family without having to guard my hip. This was an issue that progressed rather quickly and was actively chipping away at my sense of self-worth. I had sought medical treatment from a provider, that offered multiple rounds of steroid injections and therapy, with little to no improvement. I was told that I would need a hip replacement at age 31! I went for a second opinion, who informed me and my family that I may not need a replacement, but a corrective procedure that he was unable to perform. While I appreciated his honesty, at this point my frustrations were nearing a peak. I was terrified. I needed help. I didn't know what kind, but I needed a plan. My second opinion provider advised me to find Dr. John Redmond in Jacksonville, FL for a 3rd opinion.

Scheduling a consult with Dr. Redmond, was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. Seeking multiple specialists, definitely hindered my faith for a bit. However, Dr. Redmond pulled me out of a dark place. He talked to me, emphasizing the facts in words that I and my family could understand. His intellect, professionalism, and compassion paired with a great support staff, reassured me that there was still hope of preserving and restoring my original hip. Dr. John Redmond did just that. We shook hands on the morning of my operation, and I knew I was in great hands. I'm proud and beyond excited to report everything has been uphill ever since! His work has exceeded my expectations far beyond measure. On a daily basis, I live about 90-95% pain free. I walk and move with confidence. I can exercise. I can perform my job without limitations. Most importantly I'm able to actively enjoy time with my family. I truly believe my structure and functionality has been restored! I thank God for the opportunity to work with such an amazing craftsman. I say "work with" because that was exactly how he made me and my family feel. We worked together. I trust Dr. John Redmond, and I am honored to be able to share my experience with him.

-Selena Lane

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the results of the right-side gluteus medius repair you performed on me last December. After many years of being misdiagnosed and then being told by another orthopaedic surgeon that surgery would be next to impossible and probably a failure, I was thrilled to be referred to you quite by accident. By the time I saw you for my first appointment, I was essentially housebound with pain and unable to walk more than a few feet before having to sit down. Your expert surgical knowledge and skills gave me my life back, and I’ll be forever grateful.

Toni Cuff

I have had both of my hips replaced by Dr. Redmond. Each time I was impressed by how thoroughly all of my questions were answered before the procedure and how smoothly the procedures went. Dr. Redmond explained the surgery in detail and helped me feel confident that I would know exactly what to expect during the recovery phase.

The procedures went exactly as described and I woke from anesthesia with very little discomfort. Each time my hip was actually less painful the day after surgery than it was the day before surgery. I was immediately comfortable enough to use only aspirin and Tylenol for pain. I was able to walk without assistance the day after surgery. I was immediately able to walk up and down stairs and sleep without difficulty. I returned to work for a brief time one day after surgery and full time one week after surgery.

I highly recommend Dr. Redmond for anyone considering hip replacement.

Darryl Hill.

I was referred to Dr. Redmond through a former patient of his. I had pain in my left hip and lower back over five years which gradually became worse. When I first saw Dr. Redmond, I was walking with a cane and not sleeping well. Dr. Redmond reviewed the x-rays with me and explained the options, recommending that I consider a total hip replacement. He answered all of my questions and put me at ease. The surgery went well and I was up walking the next day without pain. I used a walker for two days and then didn't need it anymore. I recovered at home. There was no formal rehab; I did daily exercises that were prescribed by the physical therapist at the hospital. I am very happy with the result and now feel great. Three months after surgery I have no restrictions. I would recommend DR Redmond to anyone who has hip pain and is considering surgery.

Best Regards,
John Lamouria